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¿Quién necesita la terapia cuando se puede redecorar?

En el sitio Woman en la sección Living - Home & Design hay un posted muy interesante que propone la redecoración como terapia... es decir... Decotherapy 


I have been blessed, at least that’s my theory, with a logical head on my shoulders. Hence, I’ve avoided any type of therapy, which is fabulous as this leaves me with a lot more money for shoes and decorating. At a hundred plus dollars an hour, a therapist can really eat into the decorating funds and, besides, decorating can be a form of therapy.

It’s true, decorating is therapeutic.

Great Exercise

  • Rearranging the furniture, cleaning the house, painting, wallpapering, organizing shelves and even making a bed all burn substantial amounts of calories, in some cases two hundred plus and hour.
  • Staying in shape and exercising keeps us grounded and feeling good about ourselves, not to mention all those endorphins that exercise releases.


I also think that decorating can make us feel young and help maintain our vitality; just think about how renovating your kitchen, updating a bathroom or completely redoing a room makes you feel.
Think about how you feel when you walk into a room and see "balloon shades" on the window:
  • If you love your balloon shades that’s perfect. I’m not anti balloon shades, it's just that to a designer they scream ‘eighties’.
  • When I see a pair of balloon shades I think ‘new drapes’... something long and sensual.
  • Not that there is anything wrong with the eighties, but they where twenty five plus years ago. So, time for a change, think twenty first century.
  • For me, it keeps me up to date with the current fashion trends, and that can make any girl feel young! Personally, when I feel young, I feel happy (I intend to fight aging or at least the effects of aging every step of the way).
Stay with me here, I’m building a solid case as to why decorating is more than just visually good for us. You can use these points when you need to convince your other half that its time to redo the house.
When we decorate we can chose themes, colours, and textures that soothe or energize. We can plan to decorate a room to change our moods -  seriously, this is scientifically proven and we need to pay attention to this information when planning any space. One of the first questions we need to ask ourselves is “what do we need this room or space to do for us?"

Colour Therapy

Just look back on some of my previous columns to learn what colours do what:
  • Red to stimulate creativity
  • Purple to curb an appetite
  • Yellow to make us happy
  • Brown to soothe and calm

Texture Therapy

Similarly, when you are buying a new sofa and choose its covering, think about how the texture makes you feel.
  • Distressed leather makes us feel cozy and safe
  • Chenille is soothing
  • Glazed leather is formal
  • Silk is sexy
  • Corduroy is laid back and casual
Textures are not just limited to our sofas -  think about the chairs, the throw cushions, your bed coverings, towels, floor coverings, and even your drapery.

Light Therapy

  • Adding more lighting to a room can not only bring a piece of wall art to life but it can also chase away your blues.


  • Simmering some pure essential oils such as lemon grass or lavender will lift your spirits.
Design and decor is as much about shaping your life as it is about creating great visual spaces. The two go hand in hand. So, before you cry on a girlfriend's shoulder, yell at your husband because you are in a bad mood, think about:
  • Redecorating the living room to boost your spirits.
  • Making over the bedroom to improve your love life.
  • Remodeling the bathroom to create a calm oasis for those moments when you need to escape from the world.
  • Hiring a local home design professional from casaGURU. Sure beats going to a therapist!

Emer Schlosser, CasaGuru.com

About the author:

Always a fan of words in various glorious forms – novels, dialogue, lyrics, etc – Emer translated her passion into a writing career in 2005. She has since supplied gossip on celebrities to Canadian Press, interviewed individuals from the arts for Inside Entertainment, expressed her fondness for food for Cheese Boutique’s blog, & co-founded, edited and contributed to iheartthemusic.com. At the moment she’s taking the mystery out of Green Living and providing some great tips on Home Renovation, Decorating & Design and Curb Appeal to the members of casaGURU.com. casaGURU, “the homeowner’s home online”, is a free web community that connects homeowners and local house experts.

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